Tuesday, 7 May 2013


This is me preforming my A2 evaluation, it is 4 parts because we kept having issues with the camera and having to start again and then I couldn't get the shots to work on windows movie maker to edit them.
Watch from top to bottom.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Jessie has created these titles using InDesign to go into our trailer to add a sense of storyline and plot, and to add some narrative. This is one of the things that was really emphasized in all of the feedback we received from the first draft viewing. The idea of the titles is that they are quotes from local newspapers and news channels reporting the events surrounding the travelling circus, and we thought this was a good way to narrate our trailer and quite a unique way of doing so.

The first title is to set the scene and is quite innocent and not scary at all, building suspense and not letting on that anything bad has happened yet.
The second title is suddenly introducing the idea that there have been murders at the circus. This title goes well with the heightened sense of urgency that the footage and trailer is now reaching. As the suspense and tension builds, the final title is the most extreme title urging people to 'lock their doors', hinting that this clown character is on the loose and very dangerous. The build up of these titles I think will be really effective at not only building up suspense and action but also letting the viewer know what will be going on roughly in the film itself.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


This is a very rough cut of the trailer and it still needs a great deal of work, including adding titles and a soundtrack. However, it was helpful to start putting all the shots together into some kind of order and sequence. We now need to focus on the things we need to add to it and we will also be getting feedback next week from both moderation and also from our class so we can use this feedback to improve it further.
TRAILER 21ST APRIL from jessie keegan on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013



This is my final website I followed the conventions of other movie websites, and I used the same design as my poster. The white box is where the trailer will be inserted and there are going to be links to the official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages of Cirque. This website design is a lot more effective than my last one which was too messy and didn't look like a real website.